Brunch & the Baby

We’d spent the night before as we did every Friday – red wine, dog taking up half the sofa, Netflix and considering it a win if we managed to stay awake past 11:30pm (rare).

The next morning, I half-woke, suspended somewhere between slumber and consciousness; that unsettling time of day when you’re still sort of asleep but also able to remember that you forgot to buy more toothpaste, that your council tax is late or you've got that hideous project due later.

It's a time where the impending stresses the day ahead holds can either seep into your brain and push you out of bed, or you can choose to ignore it for another hour and go back to sleep.

It was in this state that I did some semi-conscious girl maths and it was in this state that I was acutely aware that I wouldn't be able to shake this particular concern and go back to sleep.

Ten minutes later, my head wine-heavy and blurred, I perched on the edge of the bath squinting at two blue lines and frankly, wishing that I’d chosen a better bottle of wine for my last hurrah rather than the bottle of £6 plonk from Sainsbury’s that I’d glugged back the night before.

But we'll just keep that last bit between us. When asked what the first thing that ran through your mind when you found out that you were pregnant was, merlot is not generally the most socially acceptable thing to mention.

I sat for a moment and contemplated how the next half hour was to unfurl.

British through and through, I flicked the kettle on and went to wake up the father.

‘So. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it’s probably nothing, but it’s positive. So I think we might need to get up and go get another test.’

Probably nothing, but it's positive. Bit of a contradiction there.

Shortly afterwards, we loaded up on home pregnancy tests from the supermarket. And bacon, because you can't receive life-changing news on an empty stomach in our house.

We're millennials - brunch is the cornerstone of our existence. Brunch, emojis and complaining about the housing market.

After coffee and bacon, I pulled the wrapper off my second, slightly more hi-tech, pregnancy test of the day. We opted for one of the home tests that not only tells you whether you're pregnant, but also how many weeks along you are.

I gingerly took the test back up to Sam and we sat on the sofa watching the window. 'Basically, what happens is that the little hourglass turns upside down and back for a few minutes and then it tells you whether or not-'

Then this:

'Er... that.'

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