About Me:

I certainly didn't expect to write a blog about pregnancy this year.


Food, yes. Travel, yes. Pubs, hell yes.


But had you told me that in just a few months' time I'd be writing about baby scans, morning sickness and the best body pillows, I would have chuckled heartily into my red wine and merrily given you a point by point breakdown of just how wrong you were.

And yet here we are. 

I started this blog initially because it seemed like a good way to document pregnancy in all its glory. 

The more pregnant I get, however, and the more pregnancy books I read, the less glorified I think it is and the more I wish there was just an honest and frank voice saying

'Hey, this whole growing a human thing is unbelievably awesome but it's also quite hard, so it's alright to not know exactly how many nappy sizes there are or to be freaked out by the word 'placenta'. You keep nailing it.'

Something along those lines. So welcome to my blog. 
I write about being pregnant, how terrifying children are and looking after dogs for a living. 

When I'm not writing about growing a person or throwing up my breakfast, I work as a dog-sitter and freelance writer.


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