About Me:


I wrote about pregnancy. I wrote about pregnancy in all its uncomfortable, vomit-spattered and ultimately, horrendous glory. 

I had the baby. Pablo arrived May 26th 2018 after 24 hours of labour, culminating in my hysterical self being flopped onto the operating table and a very nice surgeon removing him swiftly from my body. Quite the picture I paint, isn't it. 

So he arrived. I recovered. No sooner could I stand up then I was on the phone to the removal crew and packing up the house whilst reading press releases that I'd written aloud in a sing song voice to the baby that, frankly, couldn't give a shit that his mother had freelance clients to keep happy and an emigration to organise. 

But somehow, with the unwavering help from my lifeline in human form, Sam, and a distinct lack of support from the dog, we pulled it off. 

Early December, I jumped on a plane with Pabs while Sam drove our Labrador and rattletrap Volvo estate down through England, France and then to the south coast of Spain.


I work as a writer, Sam has embraced #dadlife with all the naive enthusiasm of a true first time parent, Pablo gets to grow up by the sea and the dog still eats out of the bin. 

Indeed, this is us. 

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